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Kindness is a gift, pass it on. What started as a small feeding drive for stray animals during the lockdown, now has turned into a rescue project. Many of the rescued animals have found their forever homes and are living the life they truly deserve. Wholetthepawsout is an individual effort of 4 young girls trying to help the voiceless. Feeding almost 40+ dogs every day, they also tend to their medical needs. Most of the animals they have rescued have been victims of Hit-and-run. Some animals (including pets) are discarded as trash because their parents do not need them anymore. Being students and facing hardships of their own, they try their best to balance rescue work with education. Although there has been a tremendous rise in awareness of animals, people still ignore education themselves. This groups fundamental motive for this year is to sterilize and vaccinate as many dogs as possible.

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Gourmade bakes homemade gourmet desserts for charity that are sustainably packaged and delivered to your home. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, we will be delivering to select locations in Hyderabad. All profits made are donated to this initiative!