Meet our Executive Team

The Social Welfare Collective was introduced in July of 2021 and it is safe to say our first year was a success. Our objectives, mission statement, and organization expectations were made clear from the beginning and our partners have exceeded our expectations. We’ve inaugurated new ventures, hosted creative events, and met all our financial expectations. In 2022, we hope to continue our agenda...


Tanya Shizan

Founder and Director


Sanjna Boda

Logistics Coordinator


Moksh Mehta

Outreach Coordinator

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Rishabh Goenka

Creative Director

Our Mission

SWC incentivizes student-led organizations by connecting beneficiaries to benefactors. Each of us has a social responsibility to fulfill and we’ve reached new heights and offered unprecedented opportunities to our community. The social enterprises we’ve represented this year have been genuine ventures that care deeply about the verticals of our society.
The goals we laid out as a team for the SWC were to first and foremost expand our network of student entrepreneurs and leaders who shared our passion to provide for people in need and participate in our circular, radically responsible micro-economy. We’ve succeeded in building a roster of various organizations who are trailblazers in their field and whose dedication to our mission has been nothing less than outstanding. 
Next, we aimed to maintain a running board of directors and partner representatives who are focused and driven, and who intend to launch sustainable ventures and our exceptional group of student leaders is growing and progressing day by day. We hope in the following year our close-knit group of pioneers only grows.

Connect with our Partners

Our collective will also act as a consultant to all student-led organizations by providing them with financial backing, standard operating procedures, marketing platforms, content creation, and executive-level support. Our executive team has and will continue to work closely with partners to recalibrate and grow businesses while maintaining their commitment to social development. In the upcoming year, we will more closely align ourselves with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our agenda over the next six months will follow.

I would like to thank the executive team, partner organizations and contributors for their diligence and dedication to our community

Tanya Shizan 
Founder and Executive Director