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Get Involved

Volunteer at any of our vetted partner initiatives who deliberately align themselves with community interests. Explore our collection of social enterprises who offer opportunities to volunteers of all ages, skill levels and levels of commitment.

Family Soccer


We at Vivlio aim to create a platform through which patrons can donate essential supplies to underprivileged schools to give students the education they deserve. The pandemic has had a great impact on the wellbeing of children within underprivileged schools, so we've taken it upon ourselves to provide the basic necessities that they deserve.

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Who Let The Paws Out

Wholetthepawsout is an individual effort of 4 young girls trying to help the voiceless. Feeding almost 40+ dogs every day, we also tend to their medical needs. Most of the animals we have rescued have been victims of Hit-and-run. Although there has been a tremendous rise in awareness of animals, people still ignore educating themselves. Our fundamental motive for this year is to sterilize and vaccinate as many dogs as possible.


Mock Trial is a platform where students are offered an opportunity to experience the complexities of the justice system from various positions. Whether they take part in this event as attorneys, judges, witnesses, or jury members, every student will obtain experiences that demonstrate their work ethic, determination, and collaboration while establishing them as able academics in the global community. We look forward to your participation!


Svasth Living

Svasth Living is a blog and website that shares research-based techniques to help you improve your health. Moksh Mehta, writer and founder is passionate about human health and performance. He enjoys research and learning about human biology.This blog is an endeavour to share his findings with the hope that it will benefit you. We hope that you find my work useful and implement lifestyle changes that improve your health.


Serapy is a student-run mental health community. It is a platform that raises awareness, and provides free programs that allow students to connect with one another. Students can volunteer through the mentor program or the buddy program!

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Girl Up

Since the founding of the club in August of 2021, Girl Up ISH has made immense efforts towards providing justice and equality to adolescent girls across Hyderabad. Over 2021, the club focused on understanding problems that girls face in education. The club worked towards looking into efforts we can make as a community of nearly 50 passionate individuals in Hyderabad to alleviate the problems that affect girls in education.

Care Good Foundation

CareGood Foundation has made a tremendous impact in villages across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka over 2021. Our organization continued to provide medicines to over 250 senior citizens across Hyderabad in old age homes such as Sahaya Ashramam and FCN Senior Home. CareGood Foundation has also worked towards documenting stories of senior citizens across the world and sharing them with a community of passionate teens since underprivileged senior citizens have the best lessons to share with future generations.

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Project Annapurna

Project Annapurna employs a multidimensional approach in bringing everyday necessities to marginalised communities across Telangana. From constructing schools, funding teachers and procuring stationary at tribal sites, to distributing snacks and rations to slums in Hyderabad, our mission is to change the world one smile at a time.

Viper's Voice

The Viper's Voice has created a total of 6 issues so far! Numerous editors and writers have worked hard to accumulate brilliant stories integrating innovative ideas.

Latest Edition
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Gourmade is a student-led initiative that began in August, 2021. Gourmade aims to bake homemade gourmet desserts for charity that are sustainably packaged and delivered to your home. In an effort to be environmentally conscious, we will be delivering to select locations in Hyderabad. All profits made are donated to this initiative! I've connected with the Social Welfare Collective: Project Annapurna Schools where we build community centres and schools in rural Telangana.

Encapsulating Artistry

For many, drinking coffee is part of a daily routine, as it is for me. By reusing coffee capsules and finding the right color arrangement to create a painting I intended to portray various aspects of India, such as its flora, fauna, locations and so on. My goal was to evoke feelings in the viewers as if they would be seeing it for themselves.

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My collection portrays perspectives and portraits of the many aspects of my life. With a focus on impressions and angles, I've accumulated a set of mixed media art that has had an impact on my lens as an artist. This collection is fluid and versatile, the way we as people can be. My objective is to provoke reflection and interrupt monotony.

Samaritans - for the nation

Samaritans - For The Nation aims to work in the field of Educational, Health, Social and Environmental sectors, majorly in Tribal & Rural areas. The other aspects of services towards helping the nearby are also taken up by our team.

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